Encompasses a wide range of behavioral patterns, that cause stress or impairment of personal function.
Communication difficulties, impaired social and emotional skills, aggressive and disruptive behaviors.
Experiencing delusions, hallucinations and paranoia, along with hearing voices and seeing things.
Frequent sadness, poor sleeping habits, feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness.
Characterized by mood instability and mood swings, moving quickly from happiness to depression.
(also called Manic Depression) Periods of deep depression and elevated happiness, with rapidly changing states of both moods.
Constant state of being worries and frightened, with constant feelings of impending doom.
Experiencing episodic panic attacks and fright, with sweating, heart palpitations and shortness of breath.
Continuous nightmares, flashbacks of traumatic events, and avoidance behavior associated with acute/chronic physical or psychological trauma.
Abnormal restlessness, fidgeting, and difficulty paying and sustaining attention.
Feeling of worthlessness, or despair and the desire to end one’s own life, sometimes in response to traumatic or adverse events.
Extended periods of low moods and loss of pleasure in activities. The feeling that one’s life or life in general cannot be fixed.
Feelings of low self-worth and being harshly self-critical, caused by physical appearance, weight, childhood bullying and many other factors.
Overcoming the feelings of being overwhelmed by workplace or personal concerns, often to the point of affecting one’s physical health.
Overcoming problems in marriages and relationships caused by financial, emotional, or physical stress.
Habit of binge eating followed by purging via vomiting or laxatives to keep one’s weight down; often associated with depression and other mental stress.
Taking excessive measures in an attempt to correct a perceived or exaggerated physical flaw, to the impairment of normal activities.
An impulsive need to constantly perform routines and rituals in an attempt to overcome anxiety and stress.

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